Permit to Carry Training Permit to Carry .......a permit which allows a person to legally carry a handgun. In Minnesota and other states you may carry openly, while in some states, Utah for instance, you must carry concealed. You may find state specific information at Minnesota is a shall issue state which means that permits (resident & non resident) must be granted unless the applicant is deemed ineligible by the restrictions set forth in state statute 624.714 The Independent Firearms Instructor Association meets the new instructor certification standards set forth in the reinstatement of MN state statute 624.714 (2005) (SF 2259). We are listed as a certifying organization on the MN BCA website . You can be assured of consistent, quality training from any of our instructors located throughout the state. Our course is specifically tailored to the MN Statute allowing both residents and non-residents to apply for a permit to carry a pistol. Additionally many of our instructors hold other firearms certifications and are multi-state certified, (permits to cover up to 31 states) and offer a variety of other courses. Each instructor is an independent contractor and rates may vary by instructor; however the course curriculum meets and usually exceeds the minimums. This course also meets the Wisconsin CCW requirements. Website under construction.......please bear with us. IFIA Permit To Carry - Firearm Instruction (651)-621-3282 MNPermit @ Live dot com Upcoming Courses January 25, 2015 - Permit to Carry February 15, 2015 - Permit to Carry Private classes and one on one instruction available.